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Assassin's Creed Valhalla launches November 17

Assassin's Creed Valhalla launches November 17

During the first Ubisoft Forward, the publisher revealed Assassin's Creed Valhalla will launch on November 17. A new trailer showcases some of the game's features such as the return of social stealth, the various enemies and their distinct behavior, the raids, exploration and more.

Deep Dive Trailer

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Commented on 2020-07-12 22:32:26
Thanks for the trailer and images in high quality.

I had watched the 2 leaked gameplay videos duing the week and they showed the game in a very bad way, but they were very old and most likely from a Q&A session. After watching the official extended gameplay walkthroughs, the game looks immensely better. Game looks great and the combat looks very fun, visceral and varied. Can't wait to start playing. For Valhalla!!!

Any chance you guys will be able to get the 2 extended gameplay walkthroughs?

I would love to have them in high quality. Don't care if they are 10-20 GBs each, I have plenty of space just waiting for them. If Ubisoft doesn't send them to you guys, I will make do with a - hopefully - 4K version on YouTube.
Commented on 2020-07-12 23:10:00
game looks decent, really want to see the enhanced version for next generation consoles.
Commented on 2020-07-13 01:38:56
wow, this is bad! 
I remember Odyssey's reveal trailer and gameplay and it was great, the gameplay and graphics and animations were amazing in that game reveal.
but this one is just awful, the graphics honestly looks nothing better than Odyssey(in a lot of scenes looks even worst than witcher 3 that's 5 years old!!), the animations in combat just looks bad, it's like there's no transition between any of the animations. the facial animations are worst than ME Andromeda. and some of the textures are so low quality!
look at the stuff on this table, some of them have such high-quality textures and some of them barely have a texture.

I understand this is in development but if they're this far behind they shouldn't have revealed the game. go watch the reveal even of Odyssey and you'll see a world of difference.
Commented on 2020-07-13 10:57:53
Fully expect a rush job, just for the sake Ubi to have something at next-gen launch. Both, leaked gameplay and yesterday official videos looks so rough, man.
Commented on 2020-07-13 19:23:04
2 years to make another Origins clone. Can they just skip all this and get to the next restructure/change up of the franchise? I'm done with this mediocre style but I'm sure they will feel it in the sales just like with Odyssey.
Commented on 2020-07-13 20:39:52
thanks for your perfect website:like:
please check this pic
Commented on 2020-07-14 02:54:15
Ubisoft's solution to the AC franchise after the AC Unity debacle: Make AAA development more AAA? Streamline the pipeline, baby!

A) How can we deliver AC without releasing it as a buggy mess? Take longer to develop it? No, no, no. Our shareholders will be very unhappy... Make the development easier? More efficient? Less time-consuming?

B) So what takes too much time and effort to design in an AC game? Animations for the combat system? Yes, when you have a parry-counter system, you have thousands of situational combinations that all need their own animations. Okay... let's change this system to a hitbox system! That way, you don't need to create thousands of individual animation sequences. 

C) What else takes a long time to design? Hmm... ah, yes. Dense urban cities! Very time-consuming indeed. And having to design every piece of architecture around parkour is far too tedious. Let's just make a huge open world that's mostly countryside with settlements thrown around! Scatter loot and fetch quests everywhere, then claim to have the biggest open world map that ain't empty at all. The buildings within these settlements don't need any parkour architecture. Let's just change parkour into bouldering! That way, you can just climb any building by jumping upward and sideway. Now we can design urban layouts without keeping free-running in mind.

D) Creating missions based around stealth and assassinations is too difficult. Because it means designing levels and enemy placements in a way so the player can hide from them. Why don't we just make most missions combat-heavy? Then we can just let the play run around in plain sight! What kind of action adventure game do people like? Ah yes, The Witcher 3. Let's try to make our combat system like that. And to be honest, stealth is overrated anyway. Why should Bayek need to hide so much in public? Let's make it so he doesn't need to worry about that.

E) AC Origins seems to have sold pretty well! Apparently the critics liked the new system changes. How about we just go commit to Warrior's Creed? Yes, oh.. no? We have to keep the name? Alright, then. But we're still making Warrior's Creed, right? Cool. Even more combat! Assassinations are for assassins. War is for warriors! That's why we'll do big battles. No need for any of that social stealth nonsense.

F) Right, so what from Witcher 3 can we use? Dialogue choices... leveling-up... romance options! We should just make the next AC an action-RPG! We'll even let the player choose their gender. Hah, not even Witcher 3 does that! Ancient Greece should be a good setting. Lots of history there. But people like the mythology too. Let's put some of it in. Oh don't worry about supernatural stuff - we can just explain it as pieces of Eden.

G) Okay, how can we make the campaign super duper long? Make the map super duper big of course. Loads of islands scattered across the Aegean sea. You're a mercenary so there's lots of work to do in Ancient Greece! But hold on, how can we force the player to do all this work? Hmm... force them to grind? But won't players get fed up? Not to worry, they can pay to skip grinding. See, they benefit but we benefit too!

H) AC Odyssey sold pretty well too! Looks like we're all set. AC is now a warrior game. Too risky to change the name or start a new IP. Can't risk shitloads of sales. Right, what's next? God of War seemed to have successfully changed from Greek to Norse.. let's do the same. Vikings, here we come! The perfect setting for a Warrior's Creed game! 
Commented on 2020-07-14 18:33:13 In reply to Eamon
I've been saying the exact same thing since the release of Origins
couldn't have said it better myself, well said

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